Ultimately, he hopes listeners are encouraged to“give their own

The California native references the early days of his relationship on“Merry Me This Christmas,“a new song he co wrote with musical directorRona Siddiquifor the album.Ultimately, he hopes listeners are encouraged to“give their own hearts away“ over the holiday season after listening to the track.“You can’t stop what the heart wants. The heart, the universe or whatever you want to call it brought us together at that Christmas party,“ he said.“It’s all written in that song.“Interestingly, Longoria who will celebrate his one year wedding anniversary Dec. 10 admits he still takes pause when people reference Taylor publicly as his husband.“It’s still weird, odd and amazingly beautiful to say it and hear it,“ he said.“To know that my experience is [connected] to the experience of the entire gay community and everyone who is standing up and fighting for equal rights.

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