Hims vs Roman: Where to Get Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Online

Hims vs Roman: Where to Get Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Online

Hims vs. Roman - Where to Get Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

It’s the dreaded phrase around town that everyone is whispering in hushed tones. Erectile dysfunction, the bane of men everywhere. But what truly is it?

Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to attain or keep an erection that is suitable to have sex.

Sometimes known just as “ED,” it is one of the most common sexual problems that men in the US experience. The Urology Care Foundation estimates that 30 million men in the US suffer from erectile dysfunction.

There are several causes for erectile dysfunction, which is why so many men of different ages and backgrounds can experience the condition. Because erectile dysfunction is a problem associated with the act of lovemaking, many men find it embarrassing to deal with and difficult to talk about.

Thankfully, there are many safe, effective, and discreet treatment options available. In this article we’ll compare Hims vs. Roman vs. other online options.

Hims Products

Some of the most common treatments for erectile dysfunction fall under the medication name Sildenafil with its best-known form being a little blue pill that goes by the name of Viagra, which is ubiquitous in popular culture as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. There are many other pill brands that can be taken to treat this condition, such as Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra, which use slightly different base medications than Sildenafil.

Beyond erectile dysfunction pills, there are other treatment methods, such as suppositories or injections. In cases that warrant it, your doctor may even recommend hormone therapy to address your erectile dysfunction. Of course, it’s important to speak with your doctor about any issues that might be causing your ED – including hypertension or obesity.

Whatever the cause of your erectile dysfunction, there is an abundance of treatment options available. Increasingly, these treatments are even accessible online. Read on to learn more about which erectile dysfunction pill or treatment is best for you – and how to get it with the click of your mouse.   

How to Get Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Online

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The development of online healthcare platforms have ushered in a new era of medicine. In this brave new digital world, patients can speak with a licensed healthcare professional, receive an accurate diagnosis for their condition or ailment, and even have prescriptions sent to their home or local pharmacy – all within a fraction of the time it used to take.

For conditions like ED, getting treatment online can take a lot of the stress and anxiety out of the process. In order to get erectile dysfunction pills online, you need to speak with a reputable healthcare provider. Some sites will claim to offer cheap and easy ways to get these pills – but it’s best to speak with someone who can guide you in the right direction and help you decide on a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle.

Erectile dysfunction pills can safely and effectively address the issue – but it’s important to know where to find them online.

The Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The most common form of erectile dysfunction treatment are pills taken orally before sex. In order to understand how these pills work, it’s helpful to understand why ED happens in the first place.

It’s pretty simple. When a man becomes aroused, his brain sends hormonal signals to his penis that cause the arteries to become dilated- in turn allowing for greater blood to flow into the penis. Simultaneously, the veins that allow blood to flow back out of the penis become constricted, effectively shutting off blood flow and keeping the penis erect. When arousal ends, the brain turns off these messages and the penis returns to its flaccid state.

So, when you have erectile dysfunction, it is due to some problem with this basic process. The main causes are:

  • Issues with blood flow – which can be caused by high blood pressure, heart disease, or even diabetes.
  • Neurological dysfunction – if your brain can’t effectively send these messages to trigger a hormonal response, you won’t be able to get or maintain an erection. This is most commonly due to diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or diabetes which may damage localized nerve endings that receive stimuli from the brain.
  • Damage to tissue – if the penis or erectile tissue has been damaged, you may have trouble getting an erection.

Where to Buy ED Medication Online (Hims vs. Roman vs. Other Online Options)

Now that you understand why ED occurs, let’s talk about how erectile dysfunction medication can help.

The four main varieties of ED medicine are:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra)
  • Avanafil (Stendra)
  • Tadalafil (Cialis)
  • Vardenafil (Levitra)

All of these drugs function by improving blood flow to the penis during periods of sexual arousal. These drugs are estimated to be effective in producing an erection in about 70% of men. Sildenafil is by far the most popular, as it has been on the market the longest and its side effects and interactions are well known and understood. All of the online healthcare platforms we will discuss offer Sildenafil as an option.

All in all, any of these four drugs have are effective for the treatment of ED, but your doctor will be able to help you determine which specific one is best for you. For example, a dose of Cialis can actually be taken daily rather than only before sex. These are the distinctions your doctor will help you sort out.

The next step is finding the best platform to speak with a doctor and getting access to the treatment you need. We’ll explore some of the most popular platforms below.

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Hims provides a ton of information and a variety of products geared towards issues ranging from ED to hair loss and other men’s health issues. They hope to make self-care for men accessible, convenient and affordable.

How Does Hims Work?

Hims is a once-monthly or quarterly subscription service for men’s wellness. Reviewing Hims, it offers over-the-counter items, but all prescription medication will require an online consultation with a board-certified doctor, as well as a valid government ID for checkout. Prescriptions will be sent to your home or local pharmacy. Each transaction to purchase prescription medicate will generate a membership (cost of $10/month) that will automatically renew in order to continue to fulfill your script.

Pricing for Hims’ Online ED Medicine

Hims claims to offer ED medicine at a fraction of its retail price. Its main selling point is Sildenafil, the generic version of Viagra, which, for first time members can be purchased for $30 a month. Hims often offers discounts on first time orders, as well.

Hims also offers Tadalafil, which is the generic version of Cialis, for $240/month.

For Viagra, there is a steep price increase – the listed cost of a monthly Viagra subscription is $425. So, we highly recommend the Sildenafil.


How Does Roman Work?

Roman, like Hims, offers a subscription service for many men’s health medications. After entering your personal information on the website, a licensed healthcare professional will reach out to you within 24 hours with a personalized treatment plan. From there, you can purchase prescription medication, delivered to your door within 2 days. Roman boasts a team comprised of Men’s Health experts such as Dr. Seth Cohen, Head of Men’s Health for the NYU Division of Sexual Medicine and Reconstruction.  

Roman also offers treatment plans for a variety of health concerns, from ED to an enlarged prostate. They even have treatment plans to help you quit smoking. (Psst, if you are a smoker, your chances of experiencing ED are higher than if you are not).

If the question is Hims vs. Romans, you may consider that Roman offers perhaps a more comprehensive treatment base – and may be better suited for an older crowd that doesn’t resonate as heavily with the more millennial feel of Hims. Fundamentally, though, the services offered are very similar.

Pricing for Roman’s Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

A Roman subscription is billed quarterly. Also like Hims, Roman offers a generic brand of Viagra as well as the name brand. The most common, a 50mg dose of Sildenafil costs $34, compared to $70 for Viagra for the same dosage.

For Cialis medication, a daily dose of 2.5/5mg can be purchased for $390 each month. A generic version of Cialis (tadalafil) is available via Roman for $240 each month.


How Does BlueChew Work?

First of all, it’s important to note that BlueChew is currently not able to prescribe medication in the following states: Alabama, Idaho, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Carolina. If you live in one of the states, you should consider using one of the other alternatives discussed in this article.

Read our full review of BlueChew here.

As the name suggests, Bluechew’s distinction is that it offers ED medicine in chewable tablets. The site claims that a chewable Sildenafil tablet is preferable over its non-chewable counterpart because it dissolves faster, and thus is effective in about 2/3 the time.

BlueChew offers two types of medication: Sildenafil and Taladafil (the primary ingredient in Cialis). Both are prescribed in 25 milligram chewable tablets, and you can choose how many pills you can receive each month.

Sildenafil is available for 6, 10, 17, or 34 monthly doses, while Taladafil is available for 3, 5, 9 or 18 doses each month. (Sildenafil has a shorter window for use – about 4-6 hours, while Taladafil can be active in your system for up to 36 hours – which explains the difference in available doses).

Like the other platforms we’ve discussed, BlueChew will require you to input personal and medical information, which will then be reviewed by a doctor. The doctor will then prescribe you medication and have it sent to your local pharmacy or home.

BlueChew Pricing for Erectile Dysfunction Medication

BlueChew offers four different subscription options each for Sildenafil and Taladafil. These prices all include consultation and shipping costs. They are broken down below:
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  • Sildenafil:
    • 6 chewables/month: $20
    • 10 chewables/month: $30
    • 17 chewables/month: $50
    • 34 chewables/month: $90
  • Taladafil:
    • 4 chewables/month: $20
    • 7 chewables/month: $30
    • 14 chewables/month: $50
    • 28 chewables/month: $90

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How Does Lemonaid Work?

Lemonaid belongs to the camp of telehealth providers that offer more comprehensive healthcare screenings and treatments. Lemonaid is not marketed as purely for men or women, since both ED medications and birth control prescriptions appear on their home page. Lemonaid’s format revolves around a $25 online video consultation with a doctor. After this initial consultation, a doctor will send you a treatment plan and can have prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy.  

Lemonaid boasts accessible customer service and 50% off your first medication delivery.

Lemonaid’s Erectile Dysfunction Medication Pricing

Lemonaid advertises Sildenafil for as little as $1 per treatment. Much like other sites, Viagra and Cialis are offered for $65 per pill, depending on your insurance coverage. One benefit of providers like Lemonaid is they are able to facilitate lab tests for you. This means they may be able to glean a better understanding of the underlying cause of your ED, and thus will be able to better tailor your treatment plan.

Blink Health

How Does Blink Health Work?

Blink Health has the most straightforward, no frills platform of those we have discussed thus far. Like Lemonaid, Blink Health is a comprehensive telehealth provider, which includes ED treatment among many others. In order to receive a prescription for erectile dysfunction pills, you will need to pay $5 for an online consultation with a physician. As with the other platforms we’ve seen, the physician can then make a recommendation for treatment and prescribe you medications that will arrive discreetly to your door.

Blink Health Pricing for Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Given the low cost of the doctor’s visit to access Blink Health’s services, it may offer the best “deal” in terms of getting your meds. For 10 tablets of 20mg Sildenafil, the price is $9.99 with free shipping. For an initial prescription then, the total cost would be $14.99. The same pricing applies if you already have a Sildenafil prescription through another provider.

Testimonials ode to the favorable pricing for Blink Health, and it does seem like this is its primary advantage in the growing world of telehealth providers. The bare bones online platform is simplistic, but easy to navigate. If you are just interested in renewing a prescription, the prices offered here might be worth a look.


How Does PlushCare Work?

PlushCare is one of the most reputable telehealth platforms available today. It is also the highest rated.

PlushCare online doctors can provide consultations and treatment for a wide range of health topics, from PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) to birth control and erectile dysfunction pills.

Note: PlushCare doctors take prescription writing seriously. Doctors will NOT write E.D. prescriptions to men who simply want “performance enhancement.” They will only write for patients who have serious medical need.

With PlushCare, you schedule an online appointment with a doctor, who will discuss your issue or concerns and can then prescribe appropriate medication. One of PlushCare’s main advantages is that it is a tech savvy company, and its services are available on a desktop, laptop, or mobile app platform. PlushCare accepts most major insurance providers and claims that its doctors have an average of 15 years of clinical experience.

PlushCare Pricing

With insurance, most appointments with PlushCare cost ~$30. Without insurance, an appointment only costs $99, which is still an economical option for those who are not covered.

The cost of a prescription will vary based on your coverage. While PlushCare does not publish the prices of erectile dysfunction medication, you can expect that beyond the cost of the consultation with a doctor, the prices will be comparable to those discussed above.


How Does Keeps Work?

Keeps is an online platform that appears much like Hims and Roman – although Keeps does not offer ED treatment plans. As the clever name alludes to, the main objective of Keeps is to offer hair loss prevention treatment (keeps your hair). Because both Hims and Roman also offer hair loss prevention plans and medication, these often come up in searches together. If you are looking for ED treatment options, Keeps does not offer what you seek. That being said, any comparison of Hims vs. Keeps only works for hair loss treatments rather than ED.  

Natural Remedies  

While many sites will claim to have natural or homeopathic remedies for erectile dysfunction, it is important to be very careful with these treatments. You should always speak with a doctor before initiating a treatment plan that is not FDA approved. The following should be taken as suggestions and not universal solutions or treatments for ED.

Kegel Exercises

Although usually associated with females, kegel exercises can help both prevent and treat erectile dysfunction in men. By engaging the muscles of the pelvic floor, you can help maintain healthy blood flow to the penis. You can do these exercises by stopping urine mid-stream or by engaging the pelvic floor muscles while you are seated or laying down. Repeat these exercises 10-20 times each day for best results.


Although not necessarily a remedy, prevention is the best defense against ED. You can prevent (or at least reduce the likelihood of) ED by ensuring healthy lifestyle habits, avoiding smoking cigarettes and exercising regularly. Cardiovascular related issues are the leading cause of ED, so keeping your heart healthy will ensure that your intimate moments are not affected by erectile dysfunction.

Hims vs. Roman & Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that affects men of all ages and backgrounds. Although it can be a sensitive subject, you shouldn’t let the taboo of the topic get in the way of your relief. Using a telehealth platform like Hims or Roman or any of the others listed above can help you access quality, convenient, safe and affordable erectile dysfunction cures.

Don’t let ED determine when you can or can’t be intimate with your partner. Relief is just a click away.

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