Technical possibilities

  • Audience type: Normal
  • Audience capacity: 263
  • Stage type: Italian
  • Portal opening width: 6.90m
  • Width of the counterportal: 9m
  • Portal opening height: 4.05m
  • Counterportal height: 8m
  • Width of proscenium: 8m
  • Proscenium depth: 2.5m
  • Stage depth
  1. from "zero" to the back wall of the stage tower: 17m
  2. from "zero" to the last gallery: 16m
  3. from "zero" to the back wall of the back stage: 17m
  4. from "zero" to the starting line of the stage: 2.5 m
  5. from "zero" to the last line of the fire curtain: 17m
  6. depth of fire curtain: 14.5m